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Frequent questions

You can check all registration fees, courses, etc. on the official congress page, as well as on the online registration page.

It is very simple just click on the button: I want to register, select the type of participant you are and follow the steps that are requested. You must enter the registration page online and select individual or group registration depending on your requirement. Your registration will depend on the type of participant that suits your profile and the services you select. After this selection you can select your payment method.

After completing the registration steps and paying online, you will receive an email, with your ID number and a QR code, with which you can collect your badges at the event. If you selected payment with Deposit or Electronic Transfer, you will receive an email with the instructions to make the payment.

If you received an email with the purchase summary, it means that you have not made the payment and selected the payment method Deposit or Bank transfer. Read carefully the instructions to know how you can make the payment.

You will receive an email with your ID and your QR code, with which you can collect your badge from the event, that is, you are already registered.

You must enter the online registration page and make your pre-registration to the event and that way you can consult this information, which will be sent to your email.

You will have to scan your voucher or take a photo and upload it to the registration system. To access the page where you registered, select the button: I AM ALREADY REGISTERED, they will ask for your ID and registration email; Once inside your session, you will be able to attach your file.

When you upload your payment voucher, the system sends a message to the organizing committee in charge of the registrations and will verify your payment, as soon as it is validated in your bank accounts, it will approve your payment and you will receive the confirmation email of your registration with your ID and your QR code.

There are 2 reasons:

  • You did not make the payment by any means online.
  • You made the payment by deposit or transfer but you have not uploaded them to the system.

Effectively you are already registered. Please save the QR code from your confirmation email. You will be asked to present this QR code upon arrival to the event to receive a conference access badge.

It is not necessary. You can present the QR code on your phone, mention your ID or provide your name.

The QR code is an image (black and white square with irregular shapes) attached to your registration confirmation email. With this code you can present yourself at your arrival to the Congress to collect your badge and material.

You can register them individually in the button: I WANT TO REGISTER, or if there are several people you can do it in the button: I WANT TO REGISTER A GROUP and follow the instructions on the screen.

Sometimes electronic card charges are rejected by fraud prevention security levels. We recommend that you contact us via the help chat button, or pay by deposit or bank transfer instead.

When registering for the conference you are given the option to add Companions. You may re-enter the system again using your e-mail address and ID to log in, and then access the ACCOMPANYING section to make the addition.

When registering for the conference, you are given the option to add COURSES OR WORKSHOPS. You may re-enter the system later by using your e-mail address and ID to log in, then access the COURSES OR WORKSHOPS section section to make the selection.

We are here to support you from Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm CITY OF MEXICO TIME in the live help chat within the registration page to the event; or, our email is: helpdesk@btcamericas.com
The telephone numbers are +52 (55) 5200 5115/5200 5129

When making your online registration, you can enter your fiscal data after selecting the option Required Invoice. The invoice is sent to your mail after receiving the approval of your payment (approximately 5-7 business days).

The ID corresponds to the number of the assistant to the Congress that is assigned after having made his registration. You will receive this ID number by email